what a badass

March 22 | 9:11 | 29♥

this lipstick is called “diva” and it does not disappoint Beyonce played in my head all day

February 18 | 6:49 | 19♥

this is an important photo from my birthday yesterday
please note the spongebob ribbon
I didn’t eat all of that but, goddamn it, I did my best

January 15 | 10:39 | 11♥

I was a fancy bitch today ready to do some goddamn business feat. cat licking asshole.

November 18 | 5:30 | 6♥

I bought a cute and dainty dress and boots today but then I also made the purchase I’ve been waiting for my whole life that let’s you know that I will fucking murder if necessary.

November 11 | 7:57 | 10♥

I bought some of that fart goo stuff like two weeks ago and forgot about it and I just found it
This is the best day of my life

June 15 | 10:02 | 11♥

I channelled my inner Rachel Whitehurst (I hope) and wore this shirt today (it’s a ~super trendy mint green color, it’s hard to tell) and I got a lot of compliments but a lot of them seemed kind of backhanded because, since my wardrobe usually consists of pop culture referencing t-shirts, hoodies, and jeans (and that’s it) I guess it was a shock. 
"I can’t believe you’re wearing an actual shirt today!" 
Do I….. usually…. look…….. naked?
I don’t understand?

April 23 | 5:06 | 10♥

You would think that doing math in bed would make it better but it really doesn’t. 
Also, yes, my sweater is obnoxious. Yes, that is a Spongebob blanket.

March 16 | 7:57 | 6♥

My enthusiasm level about the goddamn stars right now.

February 1 | 10:11 | 6♥

We’re supposed to go out into the field behind my house and take Christmas card pictures today. 
Do I look particularly festive today

December 9 | 3:18 | 6♥

Fighting off the cold with my SHEER BADASSERY

October 12 | 7:54 | 3♥

My friends and I are totally normal people who use Facebook seriously as a social networking website.

October 12 | 4:01 | 5♥

The most important tea of the day, serving it up Marvel’s way!

September 9 | 9:19 | 7♥

There are entirely too many things on my head right now, you guys.

August 14 | 12:36 | 6♥