you guys are fucking dumbasses it was a handkerchief and it has been proved to be just a handkerchief considering he wiped his face with it like 1000000x times

it’s so funny how you can hate on the other side for absolutely EVERYTHING because of a bias when half of you are thirteen-year-olds who want a gay best friend ok bye

Jennifer Lawrence as a young Ellen Harvelle? 
Get on it, Kripke/Gamble/Edlund/Singer/whoever is in charge of making these things happen.

April 2 | 8:28 | 3♥

Fun TMI fact: I have a weird phobia about touching my bellybutton. I can’t do it. I cannot penetrate my bellybutton with anything because it feels so fucking weird and wrong. If you accidentally poke my bellybutton with anything you are guaranteed a swift kick to the jaw because it is never okay with me. 
There are so many things wrong with me, Jesus Christ.

July 10 | 11:22 | 5♥

Stepsister walks in singing, leaves.

1.) Why?
2.) I was listening to Kid Cudi, but no. Go ahead. I’d rather listen to your nasally rendition of some country song I don’t know.
3.) WHY?!


June 29 | 6:41 | 7♥