I drew Ron Swanson surrounded by one of his favorite things. I chose to draw him feeling overjoyed, which I’m sure is very apparent.

January 19 | 4:48 | 38♥

So I drew my queen/hero/person I want to be when I grow up/etc., Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope. This is what I imagine her presidential portrait will look like.
This is the first time I’ve done a portrait in colored pencil and I was sure it would be a disaster, but everything went better than expected (other than the stupid brown pencils that don’t blend and my perpetual problem with making people’s eyes too big). I’m hoping the boldness of the background doesn’t detract from the rest of the picture. I might add a few finishing touches later.
I used a 48 pack of Prismacolor Scholar pencils and it is on 12” x 18” paper.

December 3 | 7:09 | 16♥

Okay, this looks at least slightly better in person, I swear, but here is my drawing of Cas.
The camera basically magnifies every flaw, it’s a little bit creased in places, and his mouth was a pain in the ass (*insert some sort of Destiel joke here*) but I’m overall pretty happy with how it turned out.
It’s 12” x 18” by the way, and just in pencil, and it’s based upon this picture:


I know I didn’t capture Misha’s beautiful essence, but I did my best.

October 14 | 7:39 | 10♥

I finally finished my illuminated letter art project! Basically the assignment was to just make a letter fancy, and I originally intended for it to just be comic book font and fairly simple, but it evolved into this. 
It’s all free-handed but I copied panels from actual comics. I used a thin Sharpie, a black ballpoint pen, and the very professional Crayola Twistable colored pencils.
I really like how this turned out though. The H is a little crooked, I wish I would have made it bigger, and there’s kind of a lot going on, but it went better than I expected. Drawing comics is fun.

September 26 | 9:40 | 12♥

A poorly drawn MS Paint illustration inspired by a conversation between Randall and myself.

August 31 | 8:12 | 10♥

August 18 | 9:03 | 29♥

Since these are the only two videos I have downloaded, and my friend wanted to know how to make GIFs, this is my example.

April 13 | 2:36 | 9♥

I don’t know how to use Photoshop and I think it might stop working soon because I haven’t activated it properly, so in the meantime this is happening.

March 26 | 5:38 | 59♥

Girls on Facebook: A Stick Figure.

March 17 | 5:15 | 9♥